Programming Service date: 2019-04-18

Programming Service Features of DEPU: speed, quality, management, technique and safety.

1. Rapid Volume Production; JIT Delivery. 
‧ Matched with all kinds of high-speed automatic writers, programmers and corollary equipment to cater for various customer demands.

2. Strict Environment and Quality Control.
‧ Electrostatic protection and multiple quality management to guarantee the quality of finished products for delivery.

3. Effective Process Management.
‧ The process management at a level of ISO to guarantee the secure incoming, programming and shipment of various chips effectively.

4. Technological Development; Software Updating.
‧ Professional engineer to develop exclusive inspection gauge for special purposes and assist with failure analysis.
‧ Real-time updating of software to meet customers' special demands by functional software of projects.

5. Safety Precautions.
‧ Implementing programming file management and entering into the "Confidentiality Agreement" with customers to guarantee intellectual properties.

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